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My message is not new, but with my passionate desire to help heal the planet, I join my voice to the many voices who have sung before and who are now singing to help us all experience "a whole new world".

Yes, I truly believe that LOVE IS THE ANSWER!

July 21, 2017

Quora Q: Are my Mormon friends nice because they are who they are or because they are Mormon?

I got to befriend members of the LDS church in college and they were the most sincere, gentle, and hard-working people I have ever met.
Are they great people because they are who they are, or do the teachings of the LDS church place an emphasis on shaping their members into exemplary citizens?
YES. And Yes.

Kind, hard-working, caring, willing to give of themselves for the good of their family, their community, their church... truly many LDS can be considered “nice” people. A “nice” person is scripturally termed a “Saint.” A “Saint” is one who obeys the “Golden Rule” of “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” at a relatively “high” level. Therefore, the “name” of their church is also their goal: “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.” (A community of individuals who aspire to live as taught by Jesus the Christ in this current age, as “saints.”) These seek to become, and many do become, “the honorable men and women of the world.” D & C 76: 75. “Great People.” “Saints,” indeed.


LDS members vary greatly in their sincerity and attributes, just like members of any group. In any given community, you have some “stellar” individuals in the social framework. Especially in high concentrations of LDS areas, many church members “rise to the top” in the educational, political, service-oriented venues, partly due to numbers and partly due to the encouraged community outreach.
Few in “The Church” realize that this “level, if you will” is merely a “stepping stone.” If you care to, ponder on D & C section 76. These “Saints” encompass the “Terrestrial Kingdom.” Yet, members have been taught to have their sights set on, not the “Terrestrial,” but the “Celestial” level. Therefore, if one truly and sincerely ponders, “The Church” is a temporary weigh-station.

As you surmised, many of the teachings of the LDS church DO “place an emphasis on shaping their members into exemplary citizens.” They can be exemplary neighbors, bosses, and public figures. Civilization, as we currently know it, is exceedingly blessed because of choice, exemplary Mormons. My life, as well, has been deeply blessed. And, hopefully, there were many who felt of my sincere love and benefitted from my assistance when I interacted with and as a “Saint.”

NOW, BEFORE A READER BELIEVES THAT I AM “JUDGING” AS WRONG THE LEVEL of “TERRESTRIAL” or “Honorable Man or Woman of the World” or “Saint”:

Please hear me:

I adore little children (and the pure child-like)! To assign blame on a three-year-old (for instance) for not acting four (or fourteen or forty or whatever) is wrong and detrimental to her present level and harms her future development. It is precious and purposeful to be three when you are three. With that analogy, The Church can be a vehicle to enhance one’s character; for those that resonate with it. As you noted in your question, some of the most “nice” and respectable people OF THIS WORLD belong to the LDS Church.

Yet, there are some, many, who have seen behind the “Sunday Masks” worn by some when these masks get distractedly, or exhaustedly, removed. We have seen the “hell, the depression, the anxiety, the fear of being “seen naked” when thus exposed. Why is Utah the “Prozac Capital of the World”? Think, people! Think... with your hearts. These same “honorable men and women of the world” often silently suffer….

Mark Johnston’s answer was spot on! (Yes, I upvoted him. :-) ) He said: “Mormon religiosity is highly communal and somewhat demanding. People who are kind of selfish or lazy, or who place their own opinions ahead of the group, frequently select themselves out of Mormonism.”

(“Select themselves out.” Love that phrase!) :-)

With gentle humor, the Mormons are sometimes referred to as “sheeple,” or rather, as those who conform their thoughts, actions, and lives to the “highly communal” group mentality. Again, THIS IS NOT WRONG, but is an essential stepping-stone, a crutch, if you will. There is security in numbers. “What do I think? Quick! Tell me what to do? What do I believe? What am I to value, feel, say?”

Yet, as one gains confidence, as one’s curiosity and desire to know grows, one begins to grapple with the trait “patience of the saints” and that one finally charges forward, without their crutch, leaving their security blanket, their church, their comfort zone, on their own, plunging deep WITHIN (where “the Kingdom of Heaven” resides) and, thus, garners more and more confidence as they discover that which “The Church,” ANY CHURCH, does NOT have the power (or authority) to give; the reserved “Mysteries of God;” until one knows them IN FULL. (WHEW!!! What a ride!)

So, does the church produce the members or do the members produce the church? Well was it said: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” The LDS Church fulfills a necessary, albeit temporary, mentoring role for the group of humans who resonate with its doctrines and endorse the level of humanity it espouses. Yet, as we are programmed to learn or die, the envelope gets pushed, individuals “select themselves out,” and the doctrines and principles and (sometimes) by-laws even shift to accommodate the new level group-think.

There are hard-working, kind people all over. Many exist within the LDS Church. Many exist in other churches. Many exist in no church at all.

Generally unknown by the members themselves, those who “select themselves out” are amongst those who unwittingly administer the “tests of humanity” to the members. Do those “aspiring saints” respectfully allow their loved one to “select themselves out?” (Article of Faith #11: “We claim the privilege of worshipping the almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and we allow all men the same privilege: let them worship how, where, or what they may.”)

Again, there are precious people everywhere. The Mormon Church is one select group who emphasizes many “honorable” traits. These same characteristics encourage community service and leadership. Exemplary citizens, as you suggested.


having lived on “both sides of the fence” (both as a deeply and sincerely active LDS and having stepped outside of “The Church”) I have seen the panoramic view. Now as an “outsider,” living in a highly concentrated LDS community with many biological family members still deeply immersed in The Church, I have seen characteristics of otherwise “good and upstanding” members who have gotten stuck in their stressful lifestyles, their judgments and measurements of “goodness”/worthiness.

Indeed, some of the “meanest” people I have interacted with are those blinded by their own pride, hypocrisy, depression, and quiet desperation, those either clutching to pull me back into the ranks, warning others to beware of me as an “apostate,” and or condemning me as “fallen.” (I put “mean” in parentheses because, again, life is all about learning and developing. “Mean” truly is just an indication of “ignorance” and “growth potential.” “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” :-) ) Those “meanest” are often those who believe they are, or want to be, the “upstanding members” of The Church, yet believe they have the most to lose through our continued interactions... these are usually “family” members. Yes, a vastly important, yet so overwhelmingly misunderstood, pillar of the Mormon faith is Temple attendance and worthiness. In the LDS temple recommend interview, Question 7 reads: “Do you support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?”

To HAVE BEEN a former member and to have chosen OUT, is a great perceived threat for many within “The Church.” For some of us, we have been greatly affected by those (even our own precious children) who have chosen or had demanded of them to cut off ties with us because of their desire for this recommend and all that it represents. Yes, those who are encouraged to value “family” so highly are often the most divisive if the family member has chosen differently. What a paradox!

So, in answer to your question, in many ways, many Mormons are nice (at least when outside the walls of their own homes) where they put on the “Mormon Mask” and go about their subtle proselytizing. At these times, they are NOT who they *REALLY* are, but are in the process, like many are, of learning who they really are by living who they are NOT, or at least, NOT QUITE.

Depending on the community, Mormons just might be the most sincere, kind, hard-working, members, OR they might be some of the most “drugged” and desperate” while wearing their “Sunday Faces.” OR they might be anywhere in between.

Those who resonate with the principles of The Mormon Church (just as any extracurricular class or hobby) share certain perspectives and values. They form an extended family, a social club; yet, one that means so very much. They often, sincerely, determine they would “give their time, talents, and all that they have been “blessed” with for and to “The Church.” This can seem highly beneficial and meaningful for them. Everyone has a need to be accepted and appreciated. The Mormon Church has the ability to fulfill that niche as well as any extended family or group in existence. Then when you put the women, through the “Relief Society,” in charge of a task, watch out, world! You have organization, spirit, kindness, beauty, camaraderie… AND REFRESHMENTS! :-)

The LDS Church demonstrates exceedingly well that a people can SEEM prosperous and righteous and have peace if one joins and embraces its tenants. Yet, it is filled with hypocrisy and quiet misery. Most are even blinded in regards to its “secret combinations,” even though their “beloved” Book of Mormon attempts repeatedly to warn them of this.

Yet, this church, with its power and prestige, its money and the deception of its people advances The Book of Mormon throughout the world. For those with sincere hearts and pure intents that read that book, IF they can see beyond the common mistake that The Book of Mormon BELONGS TO the LDS (or any of the other dozens of its off-shoots) but is intended for those who are searching for the truth in all things, they can find the “jewels” to help their true character advancement.


The Mormon Church will, at some near future point, outlive its life cycle, as more and more stretch their own mental sinews and decide they want no more “middle men,” no more ceilings to their abilities to BE WHO THEY REALLY ARE. At that point, and as each is individually ready, they will “select themselves out” of the herd. Their personal borders will be enlarged and extend worldwide. They will then live humanely for and in behalf of: ONE FAMILY. NO BORDERS.

THEN, the TRUE “Relief Society” will be in its power and exercising all the compassionate service for which each individual developed, collectively, and as one organized global community of “saints” AND “angels.”

What a wonderful world THAT will be! :-)

Quora Q: How do I control my mother-in-law?

Why would you Ever want to Control Her… or Anyone?

One Person (your Self) is enough for most of us! :-)

However, you Can:

*Realize that she is an equally precious and valuable person.

*Release your expectations for her to be anyone different than she is choosing to be.

*Change your attitude about her.

*Change your interactions with her.

How is your spouse regarding his or her mother? Are you in alignment with your desires regarding interaction with her? This is essential.

As you love (RESPECT) your self, you may feel to invite a communication with her regarding your relationship. If so: Begin, in sincerity, by offering specific areas where you genuinely respect Her. Share the areas that You have not felt respected from her in your past interactions. Lay them out on the table. It is essential that you listen with the intent of understanding her perspective. Give her an opportunity to present that viewpoint. Sincerely ask for clarification, restating what you think you are hearing. During your discussion, if it feels appropriate, ask yourself and her: Is there a way to stay True to Your individual selves and maintain an interactive and healthy relationship? If not, don’t be afraid to choose to have no contact (or boundaries to that contact). Realize that it is impossible to have had identical learning experiences and, thus, ways of seeing the world and each other… even if you two were identical to begin with. Yet, she may have, probably does have, valuable insights and personality traits… if you can look for them openly. Look for them. Sincerely acknowledge them.

As you stand in your firm and mutually respectful Power, you will navigate yourself through this relationship, making adjustments along the way. It is even possible that you will learn to appreciate and even LIKE your mother in law at some future point.

I hope this helps.

July 18, 2017

Quora Q: What is the secret about your sister?


The greatest secret about my sister………………







When the masks are all lifted… and discarded…

When we each, individually, relax, let go of our egoic prejudices, test-oster-one, and attempts to BE something, someONE that we are NOT…

or at least Not Quite…

we will each laugh

with relief.

Great, weight-lifting relief.

We will then realize that…

We are each a part of one global family of divine goddesses. Precious, beautiful, dignified, divine.

So, dear reader…





And, this

is the greatest secret…

(Now you know.)


July 17, 2017

Quora Q: "Are All Our Decisions Selfish?"

All decisions, every action, mental or physical,… made by anyone… and all of nature… at every level… are “selfish.” Everything in all of existence exists for itself…
… and it is INTENDED to be so. :-)

Selfishness is defined as “concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.” All actions are determined by the brain’s concept of “what’s in it for me?” We learn through our own experience; cause and effect. Those who deeply apply themselves to reflecting upon past experience, considering the value of the effect gleaned from the cause of that experience, and determine to replicate or change course in future similar situations by utilizing their past to positively influence the present and future, are capable of learning life’s lessons much faster than others. Water flows downhill. Nature always chooses the simplest path. Depending upon the embedded goal of each individual, enlightened choice of action will bring one closer to one’s target. IF the “pursuit of happiness” truly is the programmed in purpose for life and there are no conflicting beliefs to what entails real “happiness,” then one’s course is fairly simple and direct. However, that is not likely in today’s world.

Similarly, everything in creation exists vainly, believing that its actions are good and right; one’s existence is, thus, justified. Vanity is defined as: “excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements.”

From Ecclesiastes comes some of the most profound words ever written: “Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity. What profit hath a man of all his labour which he taketh under the sun? ... The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose. The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits. All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again. All things are full of labour; man cannot utter it: the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” (ECCLESIASTES 1:2-9.)

Basically, centuries ago, “Solomon” himself hit upon the idea of the classic movie “Groundhog Day.”

Before we can proceed, let’s define two more words whose meanings are often taken for granted as commonly understood: “me” and “I.”

ME: “used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself as the object of a verb or preposition: Compare with I.”

I: “Used to refer to oneself as speaker or writer; the self; the ego.”

In brief, one might ask oneself: “Which *I’s* do I use to define me?”

There are three main “me” levels, each one vain, each one selfish in its own sphere.
  1. This is I, myself, as I relate to me INDIVIDUALLY. I’m tired, I want to sleep. I deserve to be cared for, paid the most, catered to, eat, etc.; because I WANT TO! A person living and aware from this level could be considered emotionally young. As an infant and very young child, when an apparent need is felt or there is an obstacle to their perceived happiness, the perception is that someone else outside of their own self should fulfill that need or be taken from to remove their happiness hindrance. There are many in our culture today who still live at this perceptual/ emotional level. Although expected when a person is very young, as one’s chronological age progresses, it is expected that this behavior and one’s frame of reference should also expand. When this does not happen and the individual becomes a burden to others, that “selfish” individual is then given a label of: egocentric · egotistic · egotistical · egomaniacal · self-centered · self-absorbed · self-obsessed · self-seeking · self-serving · wrapped up in oneself · inconsiderate or · thoughtless. Similarly, one who is older than toddler who still believes and flaunts that they, alone, are “the center of the universe” are perceived as vain as in: conceited · narcissistic · self-loving · in love with oneself · self-admiring. This type of person is seen as WEAK. This is “me, me, me, me, me, me, me.”
  2. This is I, myself, as I relate to me SOCIALLY. I want________ because it insures my wife’s taken care of in the future. This selfishness places one’s family, neighborhood, religion, country, company, outside authority (God) over and above others. One’s circle of focus (and influence) has extended beyond those whose lens for perspective is on level 1. One is vigilantly aware of responsibly contributing to and assuring the welfare of that part of the world that one identifies with. This type of person is seen as RESPONSIBLE. In scriptural terms, “an honorable man or woman of this world.” This is “Me!”
  3. This is I, myself, as the totality of all that exists. This level acts and perceives one’s self as infinite and abundant, consisting of every one and every thing. With this perspective, the “individual” sees him or herself as merely one part, one “atom,” of a great and dynamic, intricately connected organism which includes all in existence. Nothing and no one is separated or truly distinct. All is important to the proper functioning of the whole. Thus, all other humans are equal and uniquely special while being no more special than any other. This individual has moved beyond families, borders, race, or any other distinction. This is “ME.”
No matter which level one identifies himself with, and those levels may shift periodically as one gains and solidifies higher and higher levels of awareness and humanity, every decision made is because the effect benefits *the self* somehow. When one lives for the good of her family, for instance, she may feel that she is the happiest denying her own wants and needs for the needs of the greater good, as she sees it: her family. Likewise for each and any “role” or group one conceives himself as being related to. A great example are missionaries, soldiers or “suicide bombers.”
Only when one has exchanged “my will” for “Thy will be done” and has gained “the eyes of Christ” which see the Real Needs of others and with eternal perspective can navigate each decision for the greater good of everyone and everything, can one be assured that one’s selfishness, one’s vanity, can also assist the growth and empowerment of everyone else equally.

Thus, although so misunderstood, the declaration and invitation of the one known as “Jesus the Christ”: “Love the Lord, thy God (your Real, True, Enduring Self) with all thy heart, and with all thy might, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.” Amazingly, as one does this, correctly, the second commandment is capable of being executed correctly as well: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

And who is one’s neighbor? Each and every other “one” in all of existence!

Quora Q: "How (do) you feel when you see your mother getting older?"

Even though I have had to distance myself from her for most of my teenage and adult life… heck, for MOST OF MY LIFE…

My mother has allowed herself over these last few years to soften and become more gracious and gentle. As wine and cheese, she has mellowed with age. Some of her rough edges, her defensive self-protective shields, have been set aside. As she has done this, I have felt to allow for more interaction with her. As I have been freer to extend love to her… as an equal… she has softened further, opened up more, melted into a grace that is becoming.

At 78 years old, Mom is remarkable in so many ways! Determined, hard-working, still active and doing as much as she can for herself. Though so much smaller now than she appeared when I was her child, she stands as straight and tall as her dwindling stature allows. Her seeking and application of health principles throughout her life has paid off in many ways. She has a tenacity and a resolve and a stubbornness to figure things out for herself.

My mother has always loved to read and I have benefitted much from this quality of hers. I am profoundly grateful for the hours and hours, books and books she read to me in my tender years. This trait assisted me in my own hunger and thirst to learn. Because so much about her did not make sense, having her as a mother fostered my craving to understand human nature, the malleability of the mind, and life itself.

I have felt greater curiosity to understand her life, specifically. What were her early experiences, remembered or not, which contributed to the characteristics she exhibited, especially while I was young? I remember often, even beginning as a tiny child, watching her react to various situations and vowing to be completely different. And I was. Even then. She was, for me, a profound example of who I was Not. In many ways, she was a great teacher to me as I resolved (in contrast) to always be in complete control of my emotions. Did she, thus, unknowingly and on a deep level, perhaps, sacrifice her peace and her life so that I could so earnestly learn another way? What a gift. What a precious, precious gift.

Having, myself, birthed and loved ten biological children, I have far more perspective and respect for the women, including my own mother, who have gone before me. I see their struggles in their respective cultures and times. I hear their unheard cries into their pillows at night when nobody appears to be aware… or care. I see their resolve to get back up in the morning and struggle on… anyway. I see their sacrifices for their children, including the unseen and forgotten child hiding within them. As I see the generational links, I feel more respect than ever for the life My Mom lived, in spite of and because of her challenges. In spite of her own mother and the challenges that she inherited. I feel deep gratitude for the sacrifices and the life my mom gave to me. Pregnancy, labor, birth itself. Willing to go nigh unto death to bring forth a new life, my life, warrants profound respect regardless of any other factor. My mom fed me. Clothed me. She did the best that she could with the reserves she had available. She gave me the best she had to give. Now, I can give my life, my love, my gifts to the world. Perhaps I can even “mother” my own mother in her old age as I help the hurting lost child within her to feel safe, heard, and grow up.

How do I feel when I see my mother getting older? I love and respect her more today than ever.

Thank you, Mom!

July 14, 2017

Quora Q: "Is it normal to feel like murdering other females that I see because I am jealous they are better looking than me?"

You do NOT need “therapy.”

You just need to understand something about yourself. And all females.

In the Book of Ecclesiastes it gives a wonderful clue: “Vanity of Vanities. All is vanity.”

(So, Sorry to pull the rug out from under the other (well-meaning) answers… )

Jealousy IS normal in this mortal life….

You see… YOU, and each of us, were created to Be and to Know that we are… the center of our universe. The crème de la crème! Yes, Deep within YOU lies the inner knowing, the spark that says: “I am precious. I am special. I am unique. I have something to contribute that is ‘wonderful, marvelous!’ Truly, I am a God; a Divine Goddess. Powerful. Beautiful. In ways that NO ONE ELSE can match!”

Yet, knowing this about your self, you also must come to grips with what follows: that each and everyone is… are you ready for this?… EQUALLY “precious,” just as “special,” “unique,” “wonderful,” “marvelous,” “powerful,” beautiful.”

Yes, being uniquely special means that you are an essential piece of the puzzle of humanity. YOU ARE NEEDED in ways that ONLY YOU can fulfill to make our global *family* whole, complete. WE NEED YOU! But, we need you to be Whole, to grow up emotionally, to STOP trying to be or look or act as someone you are NOT, but to dis-cover who you are and to BE HER!

Though some of us start out as infants feeling nurtured, safe, cared for, we grow up and develop into threats to other females. This is part of the current “probationary” mortal experience. Yet, it is a passing transitory, intermediary phase while humanity is developing and spiritually maturing.

Because historically men have usurped the power on the planet, Wise Ones have often been men. When they have delivered their messages to humanity, these messages have been intended to drive the global development upward. From anarchy… to justice… to compassion… to empathy… to wisdom….

Until we each realize that, yes, “all IS vanity,” but that we must NO LONGER be “vain… and foolish” but that we must, instead, gain wisdom and understand our inherent natures, maintain a sense of “self love” as we learn to really know our self. This turns our foolishness into wisdom. With wisdom, we know how to correctly act for the good of all, honoring our self and the long-term benefit of each and everyone else. PURE “vanity of vanities.”

Indeed, clues are hidden all over. Like Snow White’s Step-Mother, and Cinderella’s, and Rapunzel’s, and Sleeping Beauty’s jealous Fairy Godmother; each of these myths have their hidden roots buried in Real Truth. Each properly raised female KNOWS that she must leave the “Mommy” that used to smile and cater to, and revolve around her. Indeed, this “Mommy” seems to have transformed into a threat, a villain-of-sorts. We must each eventually cut the apron strings (if “Mommy Dearest” doesn’t do it for us) and set off on our own heroine journey of personal discovery. Through the darkness of our wilderness trek, we go through the stages of seeing every other female as a potential threat to our universe. Gradually, we apply the “Golden Rule” and learn to love our self, deeply and completely. Finally, we arrive at the emotional maturity that we, again, know that we are the quintessential creation in the universe. But, now, we also realize that so is every other female. We learn to see everyone else in their uniqueness, not as threats to our existence and validity, not covetously, but as one of the one-of-a-kind “flowers” in our precious global garden.

We are at this time as a planetary whole, in a state of major upheaval, great unrest, with “wars and rumors of wars.” Yet… through it all, we will find our way through this transition stage and into the prophesied time of great peace and tranquility; a time when the earth, and each and everyone upon it… will be restored to its “paradisiacal glory.”

Because males have ruled the planet and testosterone has ruled the males, we as a species have fallen down into the quagmire of depravity, beneath the level of the animals. Why beneath them? Because animals OBEY their instincts and live not as individuals but for the good of the greater whole. Yet women, with their natural propensities for compassion and service, have acquiesced to the fallen males. Forgetting who they are as individuals, forgetting who we are as sisters, many have turned against the rest. Forgetting the radiant beings of light that we are, some have sought for validation by selling themselves as depraved “objects of seduction and lust” for the perverted fallen state of males.
Indeed, our culture, and most of the world currently, has played upon the natural beauty of the female form, which is the quintessential creation on any and all levels, and has perverted it… for money, for power, and for control. Ignorant women have played right into the hands of power-mongering and war-mongering depraved men. As such, instead of rallying together as precious sisters and friends, females have sold themselves, becoming objects of lust, further contributing to male degradation. … And down and down, round and round, into the bottomless pit of despair and depravity….

Today, it is nearly impossible to keep one’s mind centered upon that which is “virtuous, lovely, and of good report” when pictures and phrases meant to seduce the carnal mind are all over, not waiting for permission, but infringing upon one’s agency and just jumping right in to our visual field… even when we look for and seek with all our being otherwise. Playing into the fractious nature of humanity are the entertainment world’s portrayals of women as “objects” of lust. Women who have forgotten their divinity have thus sought for validation through these counterfeit channels instead of from the depths of their own Being.

Yet, we CAN unite! We can and we must begin to love and respect ourselves; to dress with dignity and with feminine virtue. We can and we must speak, move, act as the Divine Goddesses we are and cause a global Female Revival. In this, we remind men of Their inherent goodness. We assist them to become *GENTLE* Men and help them learn how to treat us as the pure and virtuous, noble and divine Beings that we are.

We Can do this!

We can give ourselves, first of all, and each other likewise, the empowered reminders.
Gratefully, there are currently, MANY precious *Gentle* Men who are, likewise, catching the vision, listening deeply within themselves and realizing that they must and they will honor the females, treating us with the fullest respect that we deserve, and in this way help us to remember and act as the Divine Goddesses we are.

Dear Sister, anger and “feeling like murdering others”… is far from “normal.” You know this or you would not have even asked the question. It is not conducive to the Beauty and Purity of Who You Really Are. Yet, your honesty is to be applauded. Many women today deny their jealous feelings and turn instead to “Prozac” or some other diversion. But you do not need to.

Please see my post entitled: Kimberly Davis Wallis's answer to I've always thought of myself as a nuisance and expect that people hate me from the get go. I don't have a single friend. What should I do? - Quora

If you apply this, you will learn to accept, respect, and even love yourself, truly. As you do that, you will then be able to learn to accept, respect, and even love each of your global “sisters.” You will learn to feel the camaraderie that is inherent in our natures. Someday, there will be no lasciviousness or jealousy anywhere on the planet. We will each feel, speak, act, dress, and live as the divine and precious Beings that we are and honor each of our sisters in all ways. This is the image I hold in my mind. This is the world as I am creating it. I look forward to interacting with the precious and divine YOU that You dis-cover yourself to be.

I am holding you with my thoughts, wishing you the very tenderest best.

I hope this helps

July 12, 2017

Quora Q: "I want to read the Book of Mormon. Is there a plan that gives an overview of its plot and teachings?"

Here are my suggestions:

*Determine WHY you “want” to read the B of M.  (To feel like a “good,” “responsible,” Mormon?  Out of obligation?  Were you given the challenge and you wish to complete it?  OR, do you deeply, truly, desire to find the jewels hidden within it, to change your mind, your heart, your actions, your life, to become more in compliance with Who YOU were intended to be?  Do you desire to KNOW TRUTH and have that truth “set you free”?  Do you want to Really Know God and Christ and have the power of the Holy Ghost with you at all times… and know what all of those truly signify?  You CAN!  :-)  It is not only possible, but intended for that purpose.  So, of great importance:  Determine first of all, your purpose in reading.  Your purpose will determine the depth with which you read and the tools you use.  Like all digging, there are striations of insight and wisdom that lie under the cursory level.  Contained within those levels are “jewels” of great insight that will change you deeply.  Those jewels are on reserve for those who “read with real intent” and a “sincere heart.”)

*Do you know the Real Purpose for that book?  (There are many who feel so “special” because they own it.  There are those who spurn it or abhor it, having done much research to discover the “errors” and “fraud” and expose those.  Do you really know who “authored” it and why?  Every book has its intended audience and purpose.  WHY was the time and effort and money invested to finally get a copy into Your hands?  Within the storyline, individuals such as Nephi, Mormon, Moroni risked their lives, gave all their worldly treasures, sequestered themselves in a cave for years and wrote, not via a keyboard or ballpoint pen, but with crude, laborious implements on metal plates and tablets which they had to first make themselves.  There are those who gave years of their lives, their worldly possessions, tremendous sacrifice of all kinds… and it is now available for You to read.  It was obviously (at least as far as the story goes) of tremendous value to many to make it available for you.  WHY???  Although there are numerous ideas thrown around, the clearest and most accurate answer I have ever found for the Real Purpose and intent for The Book of Mormon can be discovered within the book:  Without Disclosing My True Identity—The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr.  It can be found and read freely at:  Without Disclosing My True Identity--The Authorized and Official Biography of Joseph Smith Jr.  )

*Set up a time and place to read The Book of Mormon when you will not be distracted, when you can apply your full and focused attention.  With pen (pencils, crayons, you choose) in hand and a notebook for that purpose, open your mind and thought-fully ask yourself what questions you have that very moment that you desire help with.  What is happening in your life, in your personal relationships?  What questions do you have?  Date and record those questions within your notebook.  Then, again with an open mind, either randomly open up the book and allow your eye to fall upon a verse, or read sequentially.  If your intent is earnest and pure… you WILL receive an answer meant for YOU in your life and present situation.  Record your answer in your notebook.  As you later go about your day, pay attention to how that answer is affecting your life and relationships.  Later record those insights in your notebook as well.  Allow your record-keeping to be your own personal journal, bridging your world and current experiences with Moroni’s knowledge of you.  (Moroni 8:  34 “Behold, the Lord hath shown unto me great and marvelous things concerning that which must shortly come, at that day when these things shall come forth among you.  35 Behold, I speak unto you as if ye were present, and yet ye are not. But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me, and I know your doing.”)  If you can open your heart to try to conceive that yes, indeed, Moroni DID see YOU and give his life and effort to write what he knew YOU would benefit the most from, you will read… and find… the gifts he buried for you to find and apply in your present situation.

*Use “R.S.V.P.”:  1)  READ.  Not just the words.  Without glossing over the contents to fulfill a certain number of verses or time, but read slowly, savoring the words, the messages.  2)  STUDY.  Use the online 1828 dictionary to research words that stand out to you.  What was the actual meaning intended by each word?  As Lehi states in the second chapter, one of the two reasons for “the brass plates” was to preserve the language of his people.  Definitions have deteriorated and changed greatly in the 190 years since the Book of Mormon was published; even many of the words and phrases that could easily be glossed over.  Don’t take anything for granted.  Why were the words/ phrases/ stories/ principles sequenced like they were?  What did each word or phrase mean originally?  Use a concordance.  Draw maps.  (Don’t rely on maps or charts generated by a church.  Make your own in your notebook. ) If there seems to be a list of qualities or principles, write that list in your notebook.  Connect the dots of the hints written within the text.  THINK… CRITICALLY.  Open your mind.  FOCUS.  Do NOT use “church authorized” study materials.  FIND that which has been left undiscovered by most everyone else.  Make it Your book, written for You.  3)  VISUALIZE.  Create the movie in your mind.  See the color, the textures.  Use each of your senses.  What did the individuals depicted smell, hear, feel, see, taste?  Allow your internal camera to span onto each of the characters.  What are they wearing?  What is their body language?  What are they thinking or feeling?  Get into their minds, and not just “the good guys.”  Try to understand the antagonists as well.  What might make him feel justified in thinking and doing what he does?  Have you ever felt or acted similarly?  See from each and all perspectives.  4)  PONDER.  Perhaps you only read a small section within your allotted time.  Maybe only one verse or even one phrase.  Ponder upon it.  Allow your mind to explore and open and make connections.

*Record the book in your own voice or utilize the recordings made by others.  Play it and listen as you drive in your car, walk, relax, meditate, eat meals….  Purposely listen to the same section repeatedly.  Upon that second—or fifth—or 17th time, something of great significance might just “pop out” at you with great meaning.  Don’t rush your experience.

*Choose each day to bring your behavior into conformance with your changing insight.  Allow yourself to be changed by your reading.

*Ask… if these things are NOT True….  Read and Believe and Act as if what is contained within this book IS TRUE.  Like a pure, little child… have a believing heart.  ACCEPT what you read as if it IS True.  Your question must be:  “I assume that what I read is true and right and correct and meant for me and for my life.  I will live and experiment on these insights and principles.  Reveal to me if it is contrary, if it is NOT true.  Otherwise, like a pure and trusting child, I will receive this gift with gratitude and joy.  (This method of believing/ receiving is totally opposite of most who read with cynicism and Unbelief and, therefore, cut themselves off from the ability to find the great Jewels possible.  Of course, this attitude and its unprofitability then proves to them its non-validity.  Their very unbelief and intentions becomes self-fulfilling.  However, it need not be IF “Moroni’s Promise” is applied correctly and sincerely.)

*CONTINUE.  Realize that The Book of Mormon is just THE FIRST THIRD of “the golden plates” and that “GREATER THINGS” are held on reserve for YOU… after the “trial of (your) faith.”  TRULY, if read with sincere heart and real intent, the mysteries of Godliness will be unfolded to YOU until you know them IN FULL! (Moroni 8: 12 “And whoso receiveth this record, and shall not condemn it because of the imperfections which are in it, the same shall know of greater things than these. Behold, I am Moroni; and were it possible, I would make all things known unto you.”)  Search “The Sealed Portion” of the Book of Mormon.  Read what was held on reserve for all those who willingly went through “the trial of their faith.”  REJOICE and read that which was NOT included within the original (1/3) Book of Mormon.

*Realize that you DON’T KNOW, yet that you CAN KNOW.  This is having a “broken heart and a contrite spirit.”  This is being “teachable.”  And, unless you are truly teachable, you cannot, will not be capable of Really learning.  But, if you can and DO… THEN… “Ye shall KNOW the Truth and the Truth shall SET YOU FREE!”  You will be let out of your mortal prison, your “probationary state.”  You will “wake up” and truly become “alive in Christ,” having “a new name,” and a Real Purpose for living.  You will then KNOW Christ, Joseph, Nephi, Moroni, and all those who have gone before you with full purpose of heart.  You will then be a recipient of the JOY that was the very reason for your creation.  May you seek… ask… knock… and FIND.  And be set free.

*Let Your LIGHT Shine… so that others might catch the vision and want what You have found.  Spread the JOY!